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Hot Desk @ Victoria!

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Contact Person: Conor

Phone: 02033977975



Office Description

It’s always a bonus hitting two birds with one stone; jump on our 5/day pass for £100 and get multiple Hot Desks for one transaction. We’re the coworking version of Babybel’s - either have the whole pack yourself or share them with your friends.

  • Internet with the pace equal to the flash.

  • A bitchin’ kitchin!

  • Flake out in the breakout room.

  • Shake it like a polarised picture; use our free fruit + Nutribullet blender

  • Eat all our nibbles that you can and become the offices sweet thang

  • Beat the AM and crack on with our complimentea and coffee

Become the newest member of the gang; get in contact and sit your fine booty in our cold chairs to make a Hot Desk.


Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1W 0BD, UK

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Our pricing is simple and fair and explained here. We charge a fixed fee and no commission!

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