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Amazing shared office space in the heart Silicone Alley

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Contact Person: Michael Rostko

Phone: Stephanie Foxx



Office Description

We have a classic NY lof in one of the districts that started the live/work lifestyle. Today we are surrounded by the nations top entrepreneurs mixing with the stubborn art crowd still active in the neighborhood. The space has big windows and skylights which is always a pleasure to experience and it has a very familiar presence. Something hard to find in a city rapidly on the move. It is easy to get projects off the ground with team members or meet with collegues from different global points to expand your customer base. 

The shared working space is semi private with regard to open access to kitchen and bath shared by Suite A and B. The underground entrance and the view make this place special; you and your clients will enjoy this midtown oasis. 

Please reach out to me with any questions or thoughts on how you plan on using the space. We can provide logistic and production assistance for seminars, corperate events and of course office rentals.

Monthly price:  $4800

Weekly price: $1600

Hourly: TBD

All rental terms require a deposit to guarantee the booking and a signed contract no more than 72 hours later. It is important to keep a postive vibe going at the space so please be ready with a few porfessional references prior to commiting. 


15 E 18th St, New York, NY 10003, USA

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Our pricing is simple and fair and explained here. We charge a fixed fee and no commission!

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