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Contact Person: Lu Li

Phone: 7903756583



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More and more women around the world discover their entrepreneurial side, for all the right reasons. Running your own business allows you to turn your ideas into reality, innovate and use your skills to achieve incredible things!

However, the entrepreneurial journey can be challenging and lonely - and shared work space in Central London can be quite expensive and does not typically cater for working parents.

Wouldn't it be amazing to work in an affordable and inviting work environment, where you can not only meet other like-minded female founders to bounce off ideas, share advice and create opportunities together, but also bring your child to work, as and when you need?

Welcome to Blooms London. 

We aim to provide the best work environment for female founders, so you can stay focused on smashing your goals, learning as much as you can, building a network of support and, ultimately, your business. 

Life is just too short to waste the opportunity to make your dreams happen. Do you agree?


4 Christopher St, London EC2A 2BS, UK

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