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Our platform lets businesses ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD advertise their spare desks or office space. Basic adverts are FREE and we DON'T CHARGE COMMISSION. Businesses who advertise their space generate an income, the startups who rent it take their businesses to the next level.

Unlike most other services we don't get involved in the rental transaction so there's no commission to pay to us.

If you've got spare office space you can make money from it, if you're a startup business, you can find a cost-effective home.

Based in Scotland our service is global and we're growing, with space currently being advertised on just about every continent. We want to be the world's go-to shared office space website so why not jump in and advertise your space today.

What Next?

If you're a startup looking for a proper home or established with the capacity to give a startup a proper home, Share My Office is for you. Come on, let's build the next big thing. Only quicker.

  • 2: Login and create an advert.
  • 3: Turn your spare desk into cash.

Shared Office FAQ's

Who's this site for?

Visionary businesses with space and startups who are serious about growth.

What areas do you serve?

We're global and currently have office space available from Australia to South Africa.

Why should I share my office?

For money, for altruistic reasons or just to give your office more buzz. Check our blog for more.

Why should I move into a shared office?

It'll help you stop working in your pants, watching daytime TV and make sure you grow your business. A bit harsh? Maybe...

Do you guys get involved in any way?

No. We provide this site as a way for people to get in touch directly. No commission, no fees, nothing.

What's usually on offer?

Usually a fully inclusive price to cover desk, power, Internet access, coffee, tea etc. Neck rubs and cake are optional but worth considering.

Are there any risks?

Yes if your lease forbids you from doing it! Other than that no, unless you know different?

What can I charge for a spare desk etc?

It varies. A decent desk in London could fetch £300-400 per month, some more some less. But remember, anything's more than you're getting right now.

How is this site free?

Basic ads are free but many people pay to add photos, you know, the generous ones who like what we're doing. Over time there will be other revenue models for us to pursue, but right now we're not sweating that one.

It's Free!

Create your Ad for free, or add 4 photos for a small fee!

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