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2: Login and create an advert.

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3: Turn your desk space into cash.

Flat Rate Fees & No Commission!

Our platform lets people with spare office and desk space advertise without the need to involve agents or pay any commission on the transaction. Adverts cost a flat rate of £75.00 + VAT in the UK and pricing is adjusted for other countries using the Big Mac Index. It's all explained on our Fees page.

Our portal puts people with spare office space and desks directly in touch with those who need them. We do not get involved in any way, no commission, just a flat rate fee for the advert.

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How To Rent Your Spare Office Space With Share My Office


How To Find Spare Office Space With Share My Office

Simple Pricing

Our pricing is simple and fair and explained here. We charge a fixed fee and no commission!

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Find the perfect office, in the perfect location, using our map search feature


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