Our Super Simple Fees

We use the Big Mac Index!

Our Fees Explained

UK Pricing

In the UK adverts cost £75.00 + VAT including 4 photos. This is a one off, not a recurring fee, and the advert stays live until you delete it.

Non-UK Pricing

To make pricing fair across the globe we use the Big Mac Index. You can use this calculator to work out what you will pay but here are some examples as of the 26th of October 2022.

Australia - AUS$130.00
USA - $90.00
France - €88.00
India - INR7215
HKD - $708

We do not charge VAT for countries outside the UK.

We Do Not Charge Commission

We've often been asked about the commission we charge once you rent your spare desks and office space. The answer is WE DO NOT CHARGE A FINDERS FEE OR COMMISSION.

Our platform simply puts people with space in touch with those looking for it. We do not get involved in the financial transaction between the person with the office space or desk and the person renting it.

If you advertise with us and someone contacts you and you agree to let your desk or office to them, you simply delete your advert and that's it.

We said it was simple!

Simple Pricing

Our pricing is simple and fair and explained here. We charge a fixed fee and no commission!

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