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Our fees are super simple to understand. Basic adverts WITHOUT PHOTOS are £10.00 + VAT where applicable. Adverts WITH PHOTOS are £50.00 + VAT where applicable. Adverts with photographs are featured on our homepage and shown above adverts without photographs. These fees are per advert and there are no other fees. We do not charge commission.

No Finders Fees or Commission

We've often been asked about the commission we charge once you rent your spare desks and office space. The answer is WE DO NOT CHARGE A FINDERS FEE OR COMMISSION. Our platform simply puts people with space in touch with those looking for it. We do not get involved in the financial transaction between the person with the office space or desk and the person renting it. It's that simple. If you advertise with us and someone contacts you and you agree to let your desk or office to them, you simply delete your advert and that's it.

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Adverts With Photographs Cost (about) £50.00 PLUS VAT Where Applicable

We've decided to experiment with our prices to make what we charge comparable and fair around the world. We've done this because clearly, the same fee for all puts some countries at a disadvantage.

If you place an advert and include photographs, we will send you a PayPal™ invoice. Please pay this on receipt. To ensure our fees are fair no matter which country you are in, we now use the Big Mac Index to calculate the fee. The base unit for our fees is the UK price of £50.00 plus VAT. This is a one-time fee for up to 4 photographs, that's £50.00 plus VAT for four photographs, not £50.00 plus VAT per photograph! In India this currently translates as £32.00, in Australia, it's £53.00 and in Peru, it would be £37.00. You can check what our £50.00 fee is in your country here. The real market value located in the last paragraph in the blue box is the amount you'll pay. We're developing our own calculator which will be on this page soon!

We're keen to hear your opinion on this novel pricing method we're trialling.

Big Mac Index

It's Not Expensive!

Create a basic Ad for £10.00 + VAT, or add 4 photos for £50.00 + VAT. That's it, no other fees and NO COMMISSION!!

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