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Coworking Space London

Here at Share My Office, there are hundreds of London-based co-working opportunities. In fact, your perfect London coworking office or creative space could be waiting for you right now.

At Share My Office we're on a mission to provide the perfect platform for people with spare office space to share and advertise it. We believe in keeping it simple; we don't take a commission and we don't get involved during negotiations. All communication is done directly between those looking for a space and the advertiser; we simply provide a way for people with a spare desk or office space to place their advert - and for those looking for a space to get in touch. It really is that simple!

Looking For Office Space in London?

If you're looking for space here's a shortcut to a London search. Alternatively, you can browse all our available space here, we've got spaces to suit all budgets all over the world!

Coworking Space London

Got Coworking Or Spare Office Space in London to Rent Out?

If you're on the other side of the fence and you've got some spare capacity in your office, studio or coworking space why not consider helping a startup or smaller business by renting it out.

Is there anything that could stop me from sharing my spare office space?

Put simply, yes. London is home to well over 1 million companies however, there are few businesses in London that actually own their office. If you do not own your office space you will need to speak to your landlord or leasing agent to ensure they are happy with you doing this as you would in effect be sub-letting, so, if you are considering sharing your office space and you don’t own it, it is important to have it in writing from your leasing agent that they are ok with you sharing - and defining any conditions they may want to apply (such as leasing periods, liabilities and responsibilities for maintenance and damages).

Who do I share with?

It is also important to remember you don’t always have to share with a small start-up company, contractor or freelancer. There are many businesses sharing their office space with larger companies that may be looking to establish ‘satellite offices’ or ‘alternative workplaces’.

How much do I charge?

Given the price of space in London, sharing your spare office space will also help your bottom line, with nice desks making over £300 a month! Remember, we only provide the platform we don’t get involved in the negotiation and cannot advise you on how much to charge.

You stay in control of your listing, defining your terms and conditions - from the size of the space, what facilities or furniture you are prepared to offer and what terms you might want to impose (for example, looking to only share with those in a similar or complementary industry to you).

So how much does it cost me to advertise?

We charge a one-off fixed fee per listing which includes four photographs, if you would like to know more we explain this on our ‘fees page’. Once live, your advert can be renewed and tweaked as often as you like and you can delete it once the desk or office space is taken.

It's all very simple and designed to help you make some money from a spare desk or office space. At the same time, it’s helping fledgling businesses move out of their spare bedroom - and giving small and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to expand into new areas or move somewhere that gives them room to grow!

Spare Space Equals Spare Money

In Post Brexit London Prices Will Only Go One Way

There has always been something special about working in London with its vast array of cultures, skills and locations making it a fun and vibrant place to work. We all know prices for business space in London are expensive and post-Brexit, many new builds and construction projects have slowed down. However, that is not to say that office construction has stopped in London. In fact, well over half of London’s new office constructions have been refurbishments to help businesses better repurpose their office space and accommodate hybrid working. While there was a sharp fall in the value of new offices and new office developments have slowed down, competition is still fierce with prices holding at or above pre covid levels. Overall, we can see that office prices and the demand for office space in London is still high even as we recover from the recent pandemic. The most important thing to remember when it comes to office space post-pandemic is that the demand is still there but the format is different with an increased demand for more flexible office space which is why joining the fun via [shared and coworking spaces] simply makes sense for many businesses.

“If you need space we've got it, if you've got space we need it!”

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Our pricing is simple and fair and explained here. We charge a fixed fee and no commission!

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