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Why Office Sharing is Not 'Just a Phase'

Why Office Sharing is Not 'Just a Phase'

Office space sharing is sometimes considered a generational phenomenon, with start-ups and young entrepreneurs wanting to share a desk or part of an office while they build their empire. But whether you have an office to rent out, or are looking for a space to set up your laptop, it looks like office sharing is here to stay. And for good reasons...

Offering more than a desk

If you have space to rent, the money you could earn is a massive draw to office sharing. And if you’re offering more than just a desk, your space increases in value. Facilities such as private meeting rooms, social spaces, and access to public transport are highly sought-after, and so you need to assess the worth of your office. But if you’re the one looking to rent, don’t be deterred by prices. Look at different offices in the area to make sure you are getting the best deal, but sharing office space will almost always be cheaper than renting a private office, and those with kitchen facilities will save you a huge amount of lunch expenses, too.

But it’s not just money that has people choosing to share their office…

SO many benefits to office sharing

Whether you are the one renting or the one looking to rent, if you choose the right business to share with it could be hugely beneficial from the contacts made. It’s a natural networking process and the social atmosphere can help boost your creativity. Choosing a company that complements yours means you could potentially use each other’s services at a discounted rate and it’s also an opportunity to get fresh ideas from fellow business-minded people.

It is this atmosphere that shows why office space sharing is so popular. Working in solitude can be detrimental to both physical and mental health, and so by moving to a social environment, your work day could be happier and more productive. If you have chosen to work from home to look after a pet, don’t let this stop you, as there are plenty of pet-friendly offices.

A flexible option

Unlike landlords, if you are sharing an office space with a business you are more likely to be able to get a short-term lease. This presents less of a financial risk as you’re not tied to renting over a long period. And, with some employees choosing to work only part-time in the office, you don’t have to rent for the full working week. There are plenty of options for you to obtain a flexible lease so you can utilise the peak times to suit the needs of your business.

Office space sharing may still feel like somewhat of a new concept. But comparing it with the cost of renting a private office, and given that it presents the opportunity to work with fellow business-driven people, sharing your office space could be the most rewarding career move you make!

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