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Four Ways London Can Help Your Business

For many, running your own business is a way to finally become your own boss. To escape the office and big company politics, to be free and flexible with your time. But often, without realising it, working from home can bring it’s own difficulties. Then all of a sudden you find yourself missing all those things you used to do and have (or hate) before! So what’s the alternative and how can you use London as a place to help you and your business?

With Virtual Offices and Co-working you can often get the best of both worlds - freedom to be your own boss in your own space, but with the added benefit that comes from having people around you and to ensure you get out of your pyjamas (most days)! Here are some of our reasons why getting yourself out of the house could be good for your business:


No matter how good your idea is (in your opinion), it’s very likely it could be improved on. Co-working allows you to surround yourself with talent from all walks of life and industries. So whether you need an artistic eye cast over your new marketing email or a blogger to help you with your latest piece of content, the best person for the job could be just a few desks away.


London tends to pull in the cream of the crop in all industries, and especially in Soho where it’s the mecca for all things creative, media, film and TV. Depending on the focus and stage of your business, some of the people working here could literally have something game changing to add to your project – but unless you get yourself out there you’ll never know! With a London virtual office that has a good strong associated community such as City Virtual Hub at the Union Club, you’ll be able to mix and network with some of the UK’s brightest stars in their field.

Space to grow

Getting yourself out of your house and into London is really the only way you are going to find the opportunities your business needs to make it a success. City Virtual Hub’s virtual office in Soho can also give you the opportunity to get physical space in the capital whenever you need it through their collaboration with the trendy members club The Union. Not only do you get a great address for your business that is sure to impress, with their stylish meeting rooms, members-only restaurant and space to collaborate, you can get access to a wide range of professional facilities without the need to fork out vast sums for a permanent space.

Road to success

As the startup capital of Europe, whether you like to admit it or not, London is THE place to be to base your new venture when you’re looking to expand. People, business and money gather here and whether you’re looking for crowdfunding support for your business or funding from potential investors, or even new employees or business partners, you’ll find having a London address opens up a whole world of opportunities.

For more information on City Virtual Hub at the Union Club in Soho, check out their website here -

By Colin Crerar - City Virtual Hub (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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