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30.04.2018 Back to Blog articles

What Is A Curated Coworking Space?

There are new terms that crop up in the coworking field from time to time that are worth investigating further. A great example of this would be the term ‘curated coworking space’. I have overheard conversations on this topic with one person saying to the other…”what does a museum have to do with an office?!”

So what actually is a curated coworking space? Put simply, it’s an evolution from what we know as coworking. The concept of coworking was freelancers, start-ups and small businesses being able to share a larger space to help them get out of the local coffee shop or home office and take their business to the next step. There are benefits to companies of all sizes in this arrangement. Large and medium offices can fill those extra desks they have going spare to maximise their potential profit through reducing overheads. Smaller companies may be able to team up with other small companies to share office space in an ideal location where they might not be able to afford office space on their own. For individual business owners they get the advantages of a formal office space, surrounded by the buzz of others working while being away from external distractions, all at a fraction of the cost of renting an entire office space.

Collaborative Working

Curated coworking spaces take this simple premise to the next level by introducing a form of vetting; putting like-minded businesses in similar industries together to maximise the opportunities for creative and collaborative working. creating a collection of related expertise. This overall objective to cultivate diverse skills in one sector or related specialisms across a range of industries reflects the current shifts all business owners and workers are facing. In short, there is an increasing demand for people to know more than ‘just their job’, expanding  their breadth of knowledge, and improving soft skills, allowing them to understand and perform a wider range of tasks than those just associated with their job title.

Everyone Wins

This approach comes with a long list of advantages for companies of all sizes. Smaller companies are able to afford office space in more prestigious locations while accessing better IT and tech infrastructure and finding partners to work with on bigger projects. Meanwhile, larger businesses have access to a range of specialist companies with whom they can turn to for information and guidance on an area which might be outside their main capabilities. For example a graphic design company may look to a developer or programmer when designing a website to ensure their designs are not only aesthetically beautiful but also functional and achievable while taking advantage of the latest tech capabilities.

Curated coworking spaces put like minded people and companies together where they can build a relationship, share office space and, most importantly, have the potential to pass information to each other and collaborate on projects.


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