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26.02.2020 Back to Blog articles

Why Physically Going That Extra Mile Can Transform Your Business

In this continually evolving digital age, there are several arguments against the need for multiple office locations. With the rise of digital communication methods such as video conferencing and screen share, some would go as far as to argue there is no need to speak to your clients face to face at all. However, there is a lot to be said for making that extra effort. In fact, 95% of people say that face-to-face meetings are essential for long-term business, building trust and encouraging strong business relationships.

Just look at Richard Branson, he kick-started Virgin by taking that personal approach and making the effort to physically see his clients. So instead of just sending an email or a proposal document, he would make the arrangements to travel and speak to them in person and just look at how that worked out for him!

The Importance Of Being Face To Face

According to studies with other business owners, a face to face meeting to discuss the potential of working together or a proposal can have a huge impact. With clients 2x more likely to convert and work with a company who make the effort going physically going that extra mile can transform how you do business and your business’s future.

Aside from the benefits that having face to face meetings can offer your business, it can do a lot for your own personal health. Trapping yourself indoors in your office (and home life) is often referred to as ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’ impacting your mental and physical health. Getting out of the office for meetings can have a range of benefits for you and your client.

Whether it is having a ‘walking and talking’ meeting, getting in some much needed fresh air and exercise or simply meeting somewhere for lunch, little steps to get out of the office can make a big difference. However, with British weather and shrinking expense accounts, this is not always feasible. However, with a wealth of coworking spaces across the UK both you and your client can get out of your respective offices into an open, relaxed and collaborative focused workspace without getting wet, sweaty or needing the company credit card.

Working Smarter: Shake Up How You Work

Changing how you work and conduct meetings can not only reduce stress, lower blood pressure and improve your immune function; it also encourages a clearer mind, better productivity and greater creativity. Taking those steps away from a traditional office setting can also help pull our minds away from typical distractions such as phones and computers. However, not all meetings can be done in the great outdoors….especially in rainy old Britain. Similarly, not every meeting can be done without technology there to help. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you can’t break up your workday and give your meeting that extra boost of energy.

This is where coworking offices can be a great compromise. These relaxed offices can have a more informal setting, with open spaces designed to foster collaboration and creativity. They get you away from your colleagues and interruptions while still offering all the benefits an office can offer; such as wifi, computers, comfy seating and all the tea and coffee making facilities you can ask for. Not sure where to find one? Simply searching ‘coworking office space near me' will open up a world of alternative meeting locations to you.

The benefits of offsite and face to face meetings are clear. From improved business communication, better productivity, creativity and mental clarity; getting out of the office into the great outdoors or a relaxed co-working space can revolutionise your business and client relationships.

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