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When to not get Soho the location mixed up with SOHO the acronym

Soho is often cited as one of ‘thee’ places to work and live however what many people do not realise is that there is more than one Soho and the term SOHO can refer to something other than a geographical location. Today we are going to break down every ‘soho’ term so whether you are looking to list and share your office space, searching for office space or looking for a small office space we have you covered.

Differet Locations Called 'Soho"

What many people dont realise is there are a range of locations refered to as 'soho'. So while most people in the UK will associate 'Soho' with the London borough it is important to note this will not be the same for everyone.

Soho in West End London

Probably one of the most well-known “Soho’s”, Soho in Westminster, West End London is a favourite location for many visitors and business alike. As one of London’s first business areas, Soho was well known for its art and crafts movement and has been able to maintain its bohemian and artistic vibe. Soho offers business owners a central location with fantastic transportation links in London’s creative hotspot; which in turn, opens up plenty of networking opportunities. This vibrant area has naturally become a place that people want to work in. With plenty of shared offices and coworking opportunities in Soho, anyone can base their office in this buzzing location of art and culture.

Soho in Greenwich Village, Manhattan

Similar to Soho in London, Soho in Greenwich village, Manhattan is a diverse and bustling creative and cultural hub. With many of the same characteristics as its London counterpart, Soho in New York was considered the centre of American bohemia and a historic hub of art and creativity. Office space in Soho boasts good public transport links and some of the cities best restaurants, bars and coffee shops alongside plenty of networking opportunities. As is typical with creative hub locations Soho offers plenty of office spaces and coworking facilities making it accessible for all business owners and consultants.

Soho in Hong Kong

The Soho area of Hong Kong refers to “south of Hollywood Road” and is well known for its drinking, dining, entertainment and art galleries. As a result of this relaxed and creative atmosphere Soho in Hong Kong has become a popular place for coworking spaces and pop up’s. Although not for everyone, this area welcomes change and can be a great platform and starting place for a business. This attitude has also seen the continual repurposing of buildings and office spaces in the Soho area which ensures the area is full of life and colour. One thing that is important to note is that Soho House Hong Kong is not actually located in the Soho area neighbourhood which is actually located in Sheung Wan.

Soho in California

Soho is also a neighbourhood of Los Angeles in California however most people will know the term “Soho LA” in association with the Soho House company. Soho House offers a range of locations both residential and commercial as well as coworking offices. As with other Soho neighbourhoods, Soho in downtown LA is firmly considered an arts district. Soho House originated as a London based members club with promotes arts, creativity and coworking philosophies. Since its popularity in London, Soho House has expanded into a wide range of areas including Hong Kong and LA which has led to confusion about the term “Soho” in reference to the private members club and coworking space versus the various neighbourhoods in multiple locations.

SOHO: Small Office, Home Office OR Single Owner, Home Office

The acronym SOHO is also a term which has been used relating to small offices and home offices. Typically this term refers to businesses with fewer than 10 employees who work all work from home or virtually. Some businesses will have found themselves in this position through covid, where all their staff may be working from home. With the inventions and improvements of personal computers, super fast broadband and cloud computing platforms, working remotely has blossomed into a legitimate working strategy. However, sometimes the ability to have face to face meetings, share resources and technologies are invaluable. This is where facilities such as co-working spaces really come into their own.

And The Rest

SOHO is also a term used to describe a variety of other locations and even software. Other uses of SOHO include:

  • Small office Home office software - contains templates and photo enhancing tools
  • Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
  • Self-organising Holarchic Open System
  • Safety and Occupational Health Office

In summary, there are a lot of “soho’s” out there so whether you are looking to share office space in Soho, London or coworking offices in Soho, New York, make sure you read and write those adverts carefully. Happy Hunting!

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