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24.06.2021 Back to Blog articles

The Benefits Of A Flexible Office Space Both In And Out Of London

Whether we like it or not, where we work and who we work with can impact on how we work. However, in these increasingly tumultuous times where flexibility is key for all businesses, consultants and freelancers are reluctant to commit to a singular fixed office location for a significant period. With that said, working from home simply doesn’t work for everyone. For many, the ability to have flexible break-out spaces as well as more formal meeting rooms offers significant advantages. This is especially the case in creative industries where a more relaxed atmosphere encourages open communication, brainstorming and collaboration.

There are a range of benefits that come with flexible office space and shared offices, regardless of their geographical location, these include:

  • The ability to increase or decrease your office space as and when it’s needed (therefore streamlining your overheads)
  • The ability to collaborate with others in the same or complementary industries to yourself.
  • The networking opportunities.
  • The ability to share skills.
  • The ability to support new and existing staff as their needs change. For example where other commitments such as juggling children or an illness may impact the ability of staff to commute.
  • Easy budgeting and financial planning

Why Office Geographical Flexibility Can Help Your Business

One of the most well-known benefits of coworking and shared offices is its geographical flexibility. This can help businesses in a range of ways including:

  • Attracting new or retaining highly skilled staff by allowing them to not need to relocate for a job or endure a long commute.
  • The ability to access a more traditional office structure when travelling with work regardless of whether you are working in another city or another country.
  • Access to meeting spaces when visiting or pitching to a client.

Why Office Sharing Benefits Everyone Involved

Regardless of whether you are looking to share your spare office space or you are looking to rent desk space the benefits are clear for all those involved. For example, some of your staff may prefer to not return to the office full time having enjoyed the flexibility of working from home during the Covid pandemic. As a business owner, you may be concerned about their productivity when working from home due to additional distractions or you may be concerned about them getting access to the facilities they need to do their job properly. By utilising shared or coworking spaces you can allow your employees to have that increased flexibility in their working environment while ensuring they are fully supported. However, at the same time, you may now find that you are using less desk space in your office which means you are paying for space that you are now not using. So instead of allowing that space to go to waste, you could choose to rent out that extra office space and earn a little extra income while also opening up other potential opportunities for collaboration and skill sharing. What is there not to like!?

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