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The Impact Of Working From Home On Your Work and Mental Health

Let’s face it, working from home or remote working is not for everyone! By the time you add additional factors such as other cohabitants and add a few children, many have found themselves hiding in a room with a lockable door or decamping out to the garden shed.

Other Challenges of Working From Home

There are various challenges for those working from home or remote working. However, these can typically be summarised into these 3 categories:

1. Technology


One of the first things anybody working from home needs is a robust and reliable internet access along with an unlimited download contract. This has been something that has really been highlighted throughout 2020 when the demand on internet services exploded. As a result of the pandemic, many households had multiple people working, studying and streaming the odd Netflix show all at one time. This was emphasised when governments such as Spain called for residents to reduce their internet usage, while Netflix announced they would slow their transmission speeds across Europe to ensure broadband networks could cope.


Many mobile providers have also seen a significant increase in the demand on their services for a number of reasons. The most obvious influencing factor has been the number of work/office lines which have been redirected to staff mobiles. However, the isolation of working from home can also mean that mobile and video-calling can be a lifeline to those who may feel lonely or who are craving human interaction. This has been something that we have become more aware of during 2020 when the enforced isolation and lockdowns took their toll of people. However, one positive aspect of the 2020 chaos is that it has forced people (and companies) to embrace new ways of working and communication.

Data Protection

As home and remote workers commonly rely on the internet there is also the additional concern of data security.

2. Working Environment

The term ‘working environment’ covers a wide range of scenarios. We have already highlighted some of these areas above including:

  • Feelings of isolation
  • Not having the right equipment
  • Poor internet and mobile connection
  • NoIse, disruption and distractions (such as other people in your workspace, chores, children and TV being some of the worst culprits)

Working from home is not for everyone. A recent study by the University of Calgary found that those who score highly on traits such as conscientiousness and honesty were more likely to work effectively from home. The Myers-Briggs Company took this one step further saying:

“Working from home might sound great, but many people find it quite difficult at the best of times. In the current crisis, and with the relatively sudden imposition of remote working, it will be even more stressful,"

They say.

"It is therefore important for managers to think about how employees with different attitudes and personality preferences may cope with this stress and uncertainty, and with any blurring between work and home

Baring this in mind, it is essential that companies consider how remote working and working from home impacts not only their staff’s capability and productivity but also their overall mental health and well being.

3. Mental Health

As highlighted above, remote working and working from home can have a significant impact on a persons mental health (regardless of pandemics). The isolation and lack of face to face human interaction that can come with working from home can leave people feeling lonely and isolated from the world.

In a recent study by the University of Calgary, some personality types are better suited to home working. This research suggested that those who score highly on traits such as conscientiousness and honesty were more likely to enjoy and work effectively from home. It is also natural to expect that whether a person is an introvert or an extrovert can also impact on how they cope with working from home. For many remote workers, they will need to make a concerted effort to build in socialisation time to counteract the solitary nature of their work lifestyle.

Why Coworking Is Not Just For Freelancers

There is a common misconception that working from home or coworking is for freelancers, consultants, entrepreneurs and designers but this could not be further from the truth. There are a wide range of modern workplace options. Long gone are the days of a traditional office, home office or the local coffee shop. Coworking and shared offices help to bridge the gap between a traditional office structure and working from home. As an employer, the success of your business can come down to the staff you employ however the right person may not be local or willing to move. As an employer, you may be reluctant to hire staff who would be working outside the main office due to concerns over productivity, communication and data protection. However, coworking and office sharing facilities allow for employers to access a traditional office structure for their staff in a different location; without the burden of opening and running a whole new office. These shared offices are also a great networking hub opening up opportunities for further expansion, outsourcing and collaborations.

In summary

Working from home and remote working is not for everyone; as an employer or as an employee. Coworking spaces or sharing an office open up a world of opportunities for those who use these facilities as well as those who choose to share them. By utilising these opportunities, businesses can expand into new locations, reach out into new markets and industries and most importantly hire the best staff for the job without the same financial and logistical burdens. So whether you are looking to access these facilities, open up a coworking hub or share your office space with others the options and opportunities are endless.

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