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21.01.2021 Back to Blog articles

Why Private Coworking Space Is A Great Alternative To Working From Home

We have all been left reeling after the impact of the most recent pandemic and its associated lockdowns and restrictions. For many, they feel like they have had no other option than to work from home. However, put simply, working from home is not for everyone.

Let’s face it, working from home is not everyone’s cup of tea...especially if:

  • They are squashed into a small flat
  • Share their living space
  • They have children at home

When you home can sometimes feel more like Piccadilly circus than a great place to work.

However, although we may all crave some much-needed peace and quiet when we are writing content or strategy planning; sometimes having someone else to bounce ideas off or even just speak to while you have your lunch can be really appreciated.

What many people do not know is that there are alternatives to working from home and coworking offices which gives you some privacy without feeling isolated. In this article, we are going to look at 2 workspace alternatives which leave you 100% in control of when, where and who you work with.

Benefits of Private Coworking

Many people utilise (and love) coworking hubs and offices for a number of reasons but here are just a few:

1. Flexibility - Coworking spaces offer some great flexible usage packages and contracts. These include pay as you go and open access (across a parent company various coworking locations) which can be invaluable to travelling/mobile consultants and contractors. This flexibility can be invaluable for small business owners and entrepreneurs allowing them to scale up and scale down without the associate significant costs.

2. Creative Atmosphere - It is well known that creative industries love coworking spaces. Whether you are a graphic designer, copywriter or freelancer; the ability to access an office which actively encourages open break out spaces and networking can be a godsend. A more common term used to describe this demographic is ‘digital nomads’.

3. Networking - A key attraction for many who use coworking spaces is the ability network with others in your and your related industries. This can open up a world of opportunities for new and potential work and larger-scale projects

However, sometimes it’s nice to just get some peace and quiet to get your work done. Now, as we are still juggling our new lifestyle post-pandemic, having your own space that you can feel safe in when you are working is invaluable.

This is where private coworking spaces really shine. Private coworking spaces allow its users a stronger element of control; each user has their own dedicated workspace, typically with its own door while still offering communal and break out spaces which users can access as they please.

Shared Office Alternatives

For those that want more control over their environment and who works there; there is always the other option of office sharing. Many assume that office sharing means you are in the same workspace as others on a spare desk but there are other alternatives. Office sharing can also take the form of a private office within a larger shared office building. This practice is very common within marketing agencies in London, allowing a larger more established agency to take a smaller or younger agency under their wing; while being able to share specialisms and staff as and when it’s needed. It does have to be noted that some people consider private coworking office and a shared office (within a larger office building) as the same thing.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or designer looking for an alternative to working from home or a more private workspace; or a small business looking to upscale while keeping costs down, there will always be an office sharing or coworking solution that will work for you.

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